This map of Lady Galbraith’s Castlefin Estate, contains two well known townlands near Castlefin as well as details of the tenants and their holdings.

The townlands of Corcullion and Stranamuck are completed in coloured boundaries with inserted land and property distribution.  The map is accurately surveyed and illustrated.

Although it is dated 1832, it is surprising that it is signed by the surveyor of that time period as a large quantity of local mapping went unsigned.

Obviously, the tenants held possession of the various dwellings and field numbers prior to the map date.  Likely,these tenancies began around the middle of the 1700s, some possibly before then, resulting in the obvious conclusion that some of their descendants continue to occupy the same farmland today although many were forced to emigrate to America and Canada during the famine and more often hard times.

Below is a list of the tenants extracted from the original map survey, which incidentally, is the only existing record of the above mentioned townlands in the Galbraith Estate of 1832 in private hands.

The Ordnance Survey Memoirs contain several references to the estate but reveal no material on the exact positions of the named tenants and no illustrations of their homesteads. Once again, the estate owner relied on the surveyor to insert the tenants’ names and homesteads ensuring speedy   recognition of location onto the one document.

This method of survey became more reliable and acted as an instant reference list for the proprietor. (Refer to the map extracts).

CorcullionNew England In CorcullionStanamuck
James RoganThomas KerrJohn Friend
Jeremiah RoulstonMicheal LaffertyJames Colhoun
Widow S. HegartyDr. Robert McCurdyBrian McCan
James FreameRev. Mr. ColthurstDr. McCurdy
John FremePart of CastlefinWidow Mary Ann Alexander
Dr. Robert McCurdyMichael HigginsJohn Boyle
Thomas HartFrederick Fox Esq.Daniel Wauchob
James FreelJohn Wallace
John KerrSolomon Conaghan
Dr. Henry
Michael Bickel (or Bicket)