Dunwiley and Sessaghoneil are townlands located near the twin towns of Stranorlar and Ballybofey in County Donegal. The area of Dunwiley is just over 452 acres compared to a smaller area of 227 acres in Sessaghoneil.
The rare manuscript map of these townlands has a watermark of 1811 although I believe that some of the smaller portions of the unfinished townlands of Tivockmoy, Tyrcallan, Mullindrate and The Common of Stranorlar were entered some time later in order to complete the survey.

Specifically, the survey is incomplete as each townland has the words “Part of” with the exception of The Common of Stranorlar. One of the smaller surveys of Mullindrate for instance has apparently the earliest sketch of The Poor House and grounds which is nowadays the local hospital. The Ordnance Survey of 1907, has the paupers grave site inserted in the area identified on the manuscript as the Poor House Grounds. The grave site was not started when the Mullindrate Poor House was inserted initially.

Apart from several other anomalies related to the survey lies the curious question of why the individual townlands were not completed by the surveyor. One answer rendered was that a different landowner owned the other part of each townland as well as Marquis Conyngham. James Hewitt, who lived in Meenglass, was also a prominent estate proprietor of the period. It remains a slight cartographic mystery.

The total number of tenants within all these 6 townlands is 54, which is divided up as follows:

John Poke
James Harpur
Thomas Snodgrass
Patrick Kelly
Widow Kee
William Doohan
J Dinsmore
Anthony Conaghan
James Doohan
John Kilpatrick
Robert Bonner
William Luke
Robert Hastings
William Bell
William Cummins
William Glenn
John Patton
? Freedom
Robert Kilpatrick