1. The Hume Letter 1819

~ The Hume letter
~ Rathedmond
~ Copy Of Original Hume LetterCopy Of Original Letter
~ Transcript of the letter
~ Sligo Letter WatermarkSligo Letter Watermark
~ Rare Sligo PostmarkRare Sligo Postmark

2. Meenadreen link to Dr.Crawford

3. Rare post mark of Florencecourt County FermanaghRare post mark of Florencecourt County Fermanagh

4. Leahy & Blaquiere letter 1801

~ Notes to the Leahy And Blaquiere Letter
~ The Leahy And Blaquiere LetterLeahy & Blaquiere Letter Transcript
~ Letter from Leahy and Blaquiere Army AgentsCopy of Letter from Leahy and Blaquiere Army Agents
~ ...Copy of Leahy and Blaquiere Letter

5. The Kewley Letter 1800

~ Notes to the Kewley Letter
~ Copy Of Original LetterCopy Of Original Letter
~ The Leahy And Blaquiere LetterKewley Letter Transcript

6.  Notes on John White Surgeon of the First Fleet  (Evidence of his Fermanagh homestead)

~ Introduction
~ Map of Townland of CarrickabweehanTownland of Carrickabweehan
~ Carrickabweehan County Fermanagh
~ White Family VaultWhite Family Vault
~ The Charlotte Medal
~  The Surveyor
~ John White PortraitJohn White Portrait
~ Follow Up

7. The Dean Allott of Raphoe Letter from Oakfirld Demesne 1817 (The Donegal connection to Admiral Nelson)

~ Allot Original LetterAllot Original Letter
~ Transcript of Original Letter
~ Transcript of the Montgonmery Letter
~ Transcript of the Montgonmery and Kincaid Letters to Allot
~ Transcript of the Nelson Letter
~ Discovery of the Allott Letter
~ The Old Bailey

8. The Patton Letter

~ The Original Patton LetterThe Original Patton Letter
~ Notes to the Patton Letter
~ Transcript of the Patton Letter 1750-1800

9. The Canal Proposal of 1821

~ The Canal Proposal
~ The First Proposal
~ Original Map ImageOriginal Map Image
~ The Artists
~ James Elmes ImageJames Elmes Image
Inventors and map lithograph
The vision and conclusion
~ Bottom of lithograph imageBottom of lithograph image
The writing at the foot reads and bolivar
Canal Engineer – James Killally
O.S Extracts
~ Strabane to Omagh ImageStrabane to Omagh Image
~ Poem by Bryon to Lady BlessingtonPoem by Bryon to Lady Blessington

10. The Mystery Of The Sudley Copper Mines- Donegal

~ Introduction, Evidence, Location
~ Map extract showing the Mines Location (Mullin-alauphy 1811)Map extract showing the Mines Location (Mullin-alauphy 1811)
~ Newspaper Extract
~ The Sudley Mines imageThe Sudley Mines image
~ James Elmes ImageThe Map text and Full tenants list

11. Found in the Attic

12. Additional Biography notes to Gabriel Montgomery Surveyor

~ Biography Details
~ Surveyors Listed In The Collection
~ Map of Lifford Town 1832Map of Lifford Town 1832

13. The Thomas Elliott Letter 1814

~ Short Notes
~ Original LetterOriginal Letter
~ Transcript

14. The Dublin Castle Letter 1813

~ Short Notes
~ Transcript

15. Highmore, County Londonderry

~ Short Notes to the Highmore Map, 1780
~ Image of the mapImage of the map
~ Dwellings in HighmoreDwellings in Highmore
~ Reverse of HighmoreReverse of Highmore

16. Glenkeen and Killycreen, County Donegal

~ Short Notes to the Glenkeen and Killyscreen Map
~ Image of Gregg Ancestral Home - KillycreenImage of Gregg Ancestral Home – Killycreen
~ Transcript of Original Letter to Rev. William Gregg

17. Dr. Robert McCurdy From the Lady Galbtaith’s Castlefin Estate Map, Map 1832.
Surveyed by Robert Montgomery (son of Gabriel Montgomery)

~  Introduction
~  Short Notes to Dr McCurdy, Castlefin
~ Corcullion TownlandCorcullion Townland
~ Stranamuck TownlandStranamuck Townland
~ Dr McCurdy Homestead (Outlined in Green)Dr McCurdy Homestead

18. The Mysterious Girls School of Lifford 1830

~  Introduction

19. Corkermore 1815

~ Introduction
~ The dwellings and part of the farmstead of James and Thomas Baskin 1815The dwellings and part of the farmstead of James and Thomas Baskin 1815
~ Other Baskin Connections
~ The Sultana Disaster
~ References

20. Dunwiley, Sessaghoneil and the Common of Stranorlar, County Donegal

~ Introduction
~ This map extract shows several of the surnames listed for Dunwiley. Each field is numbered with the tenants’ dwellings inserted in rectangular form.Part Of Dunwiley
~ Tivockmoy
~ Mullindrate
~ Sessaghoneil
~ The Common Of Stranorlar
~ References

21. Ardnasool Townland 1842

~ Introduction
~ These are the dwellings inserted with only the two of the tenants' names SAMUEL BUCHANON & WIDOW ALISON .Extract from original map of Ardnasool 1842
~ References

22. The Secret Harcourt Letter

~ Introduction
~ St Leonards Hill 1984
~ Sophia Elisabeth Harcourt (1771-1846)
~ Townlands in Donegal containing Harcourt name
~ Genealogy House Of Harcour
~ Charles Harcourt