This Donegal townland is located near Killybegs and Ardara in the Parish of Killaghtee. It is surrounded by the following townlands of Crocknagapple, Corker Beg, Balwoges, Tullinteane, Meenadreen, Meenacloy, and Mulmossog. It is quite a large area consisting of over 760 acres lying between the two rivers of Tullinteane and the Oily. Corkermore Hill is identified as its subtownland.

These notes refer to the uniqueness and rarity of the manuscript map of the Corkermore townland of 1815 which astonishingly reveals various pieces of social information of times past and present. Like many other maps in the collection it is slightly fragmented but 95% legible with the rivers coloured in blue and land boundary slightly tinged to demonstrate divisions of tenancy. There are 15 tenant names clearly inserted, accompanied by their dwellings, field numbers and land description. Two of the major landowners of the period include Harcourt of Mulmossog and James Murray of Crocknagapple.

The tenants’ names inserted in the various farmsteads are:

James Baskin
Thomas Baskin
Charles Baskin
David Shaw
John Watts
James Watts
William Walker
George Cooke
Thomas Cooke
Owen Lyons
Patrick Lyons
Andrew Cannon
James Cannon
Patrick Mc Ilchar
John Meaghan

Although not named, it is very likely that the southern portion of the map is the adjoining partner townland of Corker Beg which contains the names and farmstead of George and Thomas Cooke, close to the Oily River. Certain tenants’ names are of particular outstanding interest, although at this time of writing, may require further genealogical research. Baskin and Cooke remain two names worth special mention whilst on- going research is in progress in order to establish an ancestral link from the Baskin Family on the artefact to the Baskins of the present day. For instance, Jimmy Kennedy, the famous composer of music has an immediate link to the Baskin name. His mother and father came originally from Ardara (which is a few miles from Corkermore). His father, Joseph Kennedy was a local constable, married Anna Baskin in 1901, in the Church of Ireland. Constable Kennedy was later transferred to Omagh, County Tyrone where in 1902 Jimmy Kennedy was born.