1. Montgomery Collection
2. Miscellaneous

Montgomery Collection

The Robert Kewley LetterSeptember 30 1800To see his wife and family
The Patton LetterUndated but watermarkedBonnyglen Estate
The Jos Kincaid LetterDecember 27 1816Dean of Raphoe`s Oakfield
The Dean Allott LetterFebruary 22 1816Map of his Demesne
The David Lister LetterMarch 17 1807Increase in Rent Rolls
The Charles Amedee Harcourt Letter (Harcourt was appointed Quarter- master -general in Ireland and was employed in carrying out an extensive military survey of Ireland. )Undated but watermarked 1807Lough Swilly Sketch
The Alex Hume LetterJune 3 1819Searching for a map
The Thomas Elliott LetterSeptember 14 1814Calculations (Elliott was architect of St Macartins’ Cathedral Enniskillen)
The Robert Murdoch LetterDecember 29 1819Maps
The Leahy and Blaquiere Letter 1May 15 1800Accounts
The Leahy and Blaquiere Letter 2July 28 1801Accounts
The Memorial of Gabriel MontgomeryUndated but watermarked 1798A request to Earl of Carhampton
The Lieutenant Colonel French Letter (containing reference to Colonel Littlehales Dublin)February 18 1813An acknowledgement
The Cochran LetterFebruary 21 1816Meeting at Dougherty`s Inn Killygordon
The Robert Montgomery LetterUndated but watermarkedEngagement to dinner
The Gardiner Letters.
(Series of 8 letters from Drumilly and Loughgall in County Armagh).

All the correspondence contains dates and/or paper watermarks. Refer to the dictionary of national biography for W N Gardiner.
1799/18001) The Pass at Newtownstewart.

2) Progress of the Survey.

3) The Hearth Money Line Difficulties.

4) How far forward is the plans?

5) References and a request to continue the map for Lord Cornwallis.

6) Justice.

7) Advantages to be gained.

8) A favourable disposition.


Reverend Dean Allott of Raphoe (friend of Admiral Nelson)1817
Leahy and Blaquiere1800
Leahy and Blaquiere Dublin Castle
(Reference to Colonel Littlehales)
Murray Babington1800
Charles Amedees Harcourt (French emigree)1804
Alexander Hume1819