This afternoon I had an arranged visit from Sinead Reilly and Colin Fawcett representing Enniskillen Museum.  It was previously agreed that they could browse through and assess the map collection with correspondence and articles of Gabriel Montgomery the Fermanagh surveyor of the 1700s and early 1800s in The Mc Garrigle Collection.

Both viewed the material and were especially interested in Number 6 map of Carrickabweehan and Gortahork. They found the collection of important historical value and seemed intrigued by the content of the manuscripts.

With a lot of focus on the Carrickabweehan map everyone concluded emphatically that the homestead of Surgeon John White of The First Fleet was contained within the townland boundary.  We all were united in thought that this was the first and only contextualised new evidence of White’s childhood home.

I presented a framed copy of Carrickabweehan with the Provenance and Sinead Reilly accepted it on behalf of the Enniskillen Museum for which she seemed rather pleased. The technical detail observed by Colin Fawcett added to the authenticity of the maps.  His advice and comments were extremely helpful and supportive.

I signed a relevant document and made reference to the fact that no other copies should be made without prior approval leaving the museum duplicate as the only original photocopy from today’s date.  Both parties agreed and this was recorded.  The Fermanagh Museum was pleased with the item considering its importance to Fermanagh and to Australia.

Perhaps sometime the Fermanagh selection might be exhibited in the Enniskillen Museum as a small tribute to Surgeon John White.