This commissioned map of 1811 for the Earl of Arran has three town-land surveys compiled meticulously by the surveyor.  Mullin-alauphy, Drimmeenen and Ballinswill are the areas named with the Lowerymore River acting, as it were, as a natural boundary to the adjoining town-land of Taunawilly showing in brackets (school lands).

The spellings of all the town lands inserted are as they appear on the map.

In conclusion, the Sudley Mines are inserted unmistakably towards the north-east, close to the river, as previously described.  All the pits except one, are within the tenancy boundary of Widow Mary Devlin and son, field numbers 31, 32, 33.  I leave it to the mining explorers or the archaeologists to retrace the relevant progressions of any historical information through modern investigative research and practical on site excavation now that the actual mine location is known.

There are 28 tenants’ names inserted in legible writing on the map which also presents data on topography, dwellings, field numbers for easy recognition, a form of crudely drawn hachuring (not contours) to denote height and other information related to the survey.

The completed list is:

Audley Brown and son
Conwel Mc Namee
James Cassiday
James Mc Ginty
Big Mickey Thomas
Little Mickey Thomas
Widow Mary Devlin and son
Hugh Slevin
Mark Thomas
Kildea and Mullin
Neil Mc Ginty
Hugh Mc Ginty
Margaret Mc Ginty
Paddy Killdea
Daniel Mullin
Owen Cassiday
Owen Harraghy
James Mc Ana
Patrick Mc Ana
Hugh Cassiday
Daniel Cassiday
Edward Mc Ginty
Widow Thomas
Edward Killday
Felin Kildea
James Meaghan
James Mullin

The surrounding townlands are:

Upper and Lower CorveenClogher
Kedea (Barony of Magheraby)Carricka-yharran

The unpublished extracts of the actual Sudley Mines from the manuscript copy of the map dated 1811 shown as evidence of their historical record and location.

James Ryan has recently been written up in the National Dictionary of Biography.

I am most grateful to Professor Hugh Torrens of Keele University who kindly supplied the information on James Ryan and to Alaister Lings of Scotland who supplied the newspaper article from The Derry Journal.