A Glimpse of the Past

The article makes one of the rare references to the Sudley Copper Mines in Donegal

A short article appeared in the Derry Journal on 16 November, 1898, informing readers that an advertisement dated March 1814 was in the Strabane Post concerning the Sudley Mines.

However, obtaining a copy of this old advertisement has been very elusive.

Later on in the paragraph of the Journal it is stated that the Sudley Mine is “the boom in the Post of March 1814.  From the many metallic appearances the advertisement announces “which intersect the Earl of Arran’s Donegal estates the above has been chosen as the most likely to amply reward the spirit of adventurers—-The capital of the Sudley, experimentally, was five hundred pounds, and the Earl proposed “to grant the company a lease of twenty-one years on receiving one-eighth of the ore risen.”

What came of the copper or the Company we have no record; probably it has its place as an enterprise with the silver of Muckish.”