( Reference-Dictionary of Land Surveyors by Peter Eden)

Aiken, Irvine; 1813-1850, Donegal, Fermanagh; estate; of Lifford Dgl-1824
Montgomery,Hugh; 1810-1842; Fermanagh,Tyrone,estate; son Gabriel Montgomery

Montgomery, John; 1839-1846; Donegal;estate

Montgomery, Robert; 1840-1846; Antrim,Donegal; estate;road
Rutledge, W. J. 1840-1858 Tyrone,estate; of Drybridge Street Omagh 1840
Rutledge, William; 1810-1835; Donegal Fermanagh,Londonderry,Tyrone;estate;
Navigation; assisted G.Montgomery in 1810

Mc Crea, Conyngham; 1768-1786; at Lifford; Donegal, Tyrone DBN; estate;Samuel Mc Crea and brother William Mc Crea

Mc Crea, Robert; 1750-1797; of Belfast area; related to Samuel Mc Crea
Mc Crea, Samuel; 1751-1769; Donegal; estate; of Strabane Tyrone 1756; father of Conyngham and brother William

Mc Crea, William; 1768-1795; Armagh,Dublin,Donegal, Monaghan, Tyrone; estate; of Lifford Donegal; son Samuel Mc Crea and brother Conyngham.

Knox, George; 1796-1825; Donegal,Fermanagh and Tyrone;estate; of Lifford Donegal 1796; worked with G. Montgomery, W. Mc Crea and Irvine Aiken

Lynch, Charles; 1800; Donegal; estate
Mc Cool, David; 1766-1800; Antrim, Donegal and Londonderry; estate; of L`Derry; estate agent; master of William Mc Intire 1773
Mc Cool, David 2; 1799-1815; Antrim;Tyrone;estate; of L`Derry; estate agent; in partnership c 1800 with Robert Porter; master of David and Robert (? Howard) Nolan
Mc Cool, Robert; 1787; L`Derry; estate
Monk, James; 1821; of Green Hall, Chowbent, Leigh
Killaly; 1821; canal; wmt;of Charlemont Street, Dublin; in business with Oates as Oates and Killaly

Oates; 1821; Wmt; canal; of Charlemont Street, Dublin in business with above
Mc Ormond, George; Donegal; estate
Elliott, Thomas; 1824-1852; Fermanagh, Tyrone; estate; of Main Street, Enniskillen
Mackenzie, Murdoch 1; 1743-1771; Ork; Ros; hydrographic; uncle Murdoch Mackenzie
Mackenzie, Murdoch 2; 1771-1799+; hydrographic; nephew of Murdoch Mackenzie 1
Montgomery, William; 1813-1839; Donegal; Tyrone; estate
W H Babington
James Lynch
John Hanlon
W. Starrett (possibly)
James Elmes Architect

Many of these surviving maps bear no signature and are most difficult to attribute to any of the contemporary names. The watermarks were the only guideline for dating and identification.