When Surgeon John White was sailing to Botany Bay Australia on board the convict ship Charlotte, he wanted a memento to record the journey.  On board the vessel was a convict called Thomas Barrett, an engraver.  By request this man designed a silver medal which is now held by the Australian National Maritime Museum and of course is of tremendous historical value.  It is called simply ‘The Charlotte Medal.’

On board was William Broughton the manservant of Dr. White.  Broughton requested a similar meal for himself but in copper.  Barrett completed both medals but was later hanged for the stealing of provisions on board ship.  Hence he became the first convict to be hanged in this new colony of New South Wales.

This copper medallion went missing until in 1940 on a farm in Camden with which William Broughton had connection it was discovered showing his initials WB engraved on it.  Recently The Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper released the news that this item is expected to fetch more than $500,000 in Australian dollars at auction.