I have identified the surveyor of this townland map as a member of the Montgomery family.  Certain members of this surveying team were accurate cartographers especially Gabriel Montgomery who spent many of his early apprenticeship with Samuel Mc Crea.  In fact some of Mc Crea’s completed estate maps could be attributed to his young apprentice.  A map mentioned in the Ordnance Survey Memoirs is referenced to Montgomery and this map of Upper Lough Erne and Lower Lough Erne, which some historians declared unfinished, hangs proudly in the Planning Office Enniskillen.  It is framed and complete in every way (Refer to copy). Montgomery was a meticulous and accurate surveyor evidenced from other concise maps in my collection.

There are two fragmented sections to the full map and is drawn precisely to scale which is missing unfortunately.  The first part is called Cavan but I am sure it is meant to be Cavantreeduff, a townland close to Drumarran and Carrickabweehan but part of the Armstrong Estate.

The watermark of crown over post horn is similar to the other section.  It is extremely fragmented with the information barely legible.  The paper is alike in many ways but the surveyor has made the comment that it would be better laid down on different paper, probably meaning paper with more strength.  It is laid paper and the two inch square is used throughout.  It adjoins the top of the second portion.  This townland was occupied mainly by the Hassard family of Jason, Richard and Robert.  This family were residents of Skea townland and estate.

After 1794 the presiding commissioners of paper manufacturing decided to make it compulsory for all paper to be dated and for this date to be part of their watermark.  This was established for Customs and Excise duty.  There is no date on the paper.  Both pieces have a watermark and countermark which include a crown on shield with post horn and a countermark cypher of James Whatman.  Both marks are hand made from hand moulds and both marks are clear in light.  The James Whatman paper was purchased for its strength and had many variations of quality and mark.

The Whatman family were making paper from 1740-1794.  The younger Whatman revived and used the monogram and the post horn shield under the crown.  Both marks are on this antique map estimating that it was dated between 1777and 1794, possibly even before these dates.

I believe that this map was commissioned from Montgomery by Thomas Armstrong or other member of the Armstrong family in order to fully assess the financial intake of the estate.

List of the proprietors of the named townlands on the old map.

Garden Hill—Jason Hassard

Carrickmacsparrow—Thomas Armstrong Esq.

Carricknaseer—T. Armstrong Esq.



Crotten—William Hassard

Drumarran—T. Armstrong Esq.

Gortahork—T. Armstrong Esq.

Gortatoal—Jones Hamilton

Gortahork—(small) General Archdale

Carrickabweehan—T. Armstrong Esq.

Killycreen East—William Hassard

Killycreen West—Jason Hassard

Lattoon—Mr Hall

Skea—George Hassard

Mullaghdun—Jones Hamilton

Tullytrasmeeran—Mr Hall

Monyawragon—Earl of Enniskillen