There are numerous words that are extremely difficult to interpret mainly due to the poor quality of copying.

Killycreen April 18th 1845

Dear William

From your letter arrived in December the contents of which assures us to understand that you arrived safe and is in good health which we are glad to hear of, we can thank God’s will. At present, and your grandmother is as well as she has been this last time so we have all cause of gratefulness.
The weather is still stormy however there is some good days for January. This last Wednesday was our feast day …? To the …? And also the day the general Assembly had appointed for mediation and prayer. Indeed there are many respects for humility for we may say with God of All that ….? …..? Under this cloud ….? ….? wickedness doth abound in the land still.

There’s a general failure sure to take place in our potatoes, there is scarcely a field in the neighbourhood and county the rot is in less or more and God-only knows when it may stop, we are at a loss to know what to do with them as they are now ready for digging but the infected ones might infect the others.

The ….? ….? of Elders that you are ….? of ….? Plan I am glad to inform you that they are forwarded the greatest cordinality. Since ….? are to be the future was this Sunday and there is to be a ….? ….? In each of the three ….? ….? in the winter season.

I also gave them an outline of the kind of ….? that ought to be held for the purpose of prayer and ….? And be ….? ….? ….? And ….? And to promote ….? Godliness in the land and I am glad to say that the ….? ….? ….? ….? and is likely in the presence of God to be carried into effect. There were 22 members present. Mr Kay was named to take this when I open the business by prayer and Mr ….? There was a deputation consisting of Mr Clark, Mr Diver and myself had to wait on the summaries and they were quite satisfied to cooperate with our arrears. You will please write soon when you are likely to want money.

I am Dear William
Your affectionate father

Daniel Gregg