Lifford 20th Feby.  1813


 The bishop of Clogher did not request any maps and I hope Col. Pakinham favoured you with an agreeable answer to your letter respecting letter Mr. Award.  A  hurt in my hand prevents me just now from finishing a neat specimen sketch which you advised for Mr. Stockdales information and inspection.  But I assure myself that from what you know of my writing(pen-writing) from the several maps in your possession done by me for Mr. Mc Crea and from the drawing of a map which I lately showed you, you can assure him that I finish neatly.  You will also please to inform him that I am Connecting myself with several expert surveyors, thebetter to insure punctuality in the execution of our undertakings. 

I can now offer Mr. S. a complete map of Lough Erne (the road which from Bellturbet to Belleek is 47 and a half Irish Miles) with the great road which surrounds itand the by roads to all the seats, churches and remarkable places between that great surrounding road and that most beautiful piece of water and to ferries.  It is drawn from a scale of 3 and one fifth inches to an Irish mile and is exceedingly full. The gentry of that sporting county and military men, urge that if neatly engraven it would sell beyond any moderate calculations and are very desirous to have it published. But as my present engagements leave me no time for it now, I propose to sell my copyright of it, and to do away all doubts respecting any engagements I have been under to government, to offer it all my surveys during the present war.

Through the quarter master general I have for your satisfaction procured the enclosed leave from that department (which I beg you will keep for me)    It is but candid to inform Mr. S. that I will in the course of next summer have completed a map of the Co. Fermanagh.  But it is determined not to publish it for some years until some great post roads, canals etc. are finished surveyed and added to the map which will be completed from a scale of an Irish mile to an inch.  And as the Grand Juryallow me but a share in it I cannot dispose of the Copyright. but if Mr. S. desires to have a reduced copy of it towards completing his general map of Ireland, he shall haveit on the best terms I can afford.  I can also give him the whole or a very great part of Co. Tyrone, the north of Lough Neagh and the River Bann connected with the seaeast from Fair Head to the entrance of Lough Foyle with several miles of the County along each.  I have an extensive survey of Lough Derg in progress, and several smaller maps and likely to be much employed in this way of which you will please to inform Mr. S.  If Mr. S. thinks it expedient to write to me he will please please to get a frank, or pay his postage- and I am anxious to know his mind before I go to Dublin after Circuit, when I can treat with another should he and I disagree oras you live so near to me, if you would take so much trouble we can leave all to your determination, And as I don`t wish this matter to be publicly known, on account of the unfortunate circumstances which makes such a transaction necessary, you will have the goodness to confine the thing to your self and Mr. Stockdale.

 I am Sir  your most obedient 

Humble servant


Revd. Dean Allott