Transcript of the Montgomery letter to Dean Allott 1813.

The letter above is a copy of an original letter written by the surveyor Gabriel Montgomery of Lifford and Strabane which is held in the archives of P.R.O.N.I.    The letter is addressed to Dean Richard Allott which became my second introduction to the relationship between Montgomery and Allott.

A copy of the original was sent to me by the kind permission of the Public Record Office in Belfast and I have included the important transcript, as it highlights not only Montgomery’s reliability but his skills as a cartographer.  His expertise was also in demand by a gentleman named Stockdale, a rather popular editor and printer from England.

The Dean’s estimation of Montgomery’s ability was obvious testimony to the high level of regard he held for the surveyor’s craft. One of the maps referred to in this letter, could be a more illustrated version of a Cornwallis Military Survey mentioned in a previous article entitled, “Found in the Attic,” though I must admit, it does seem slightly conjectural.

Transcript of the Kincaid letter to Montgomery 1816

This letter is written to Gabriel Montgomery again in his capacity as surveyor, at the request of the Dean.  It is signed by Josh. Kincaid, who was a land agent of this period based in Raphoe.  He was acting on behalf of Dean Allott, who wanted to see Montgomery urgently as it stated the Dean was leaving the country shortly.  The letter is dated December 1816 and has similar water stains to the previous items making it more difficult to read.

The commonality with the correspondence is of course, the Dean of Raphoe.

The short letter reads;



The Dean of Raphoe having some business in your way to do about Oakfield desires me to write to you to request you will come over as soon as possible to him at Oakfield to receive instructions from him as he is leaving the country very shortly.


Sir Your humblest servant

Josh. Kincaid (Land Agent)


Raphoe      27th December 1816


Mr Montgomery