from Nelson to Reverend Dean Allott at Raphoe, Donegal


                                        Victory      May 14, 1804

Dear Sir

I was by the Leviathan favoured your letter of Jan 14th.  The Superb was in company with the fleet and the gentleman has I hope fully executed his commission I therefore shall send him a letter to the captain of the Agincourt which ship is immediately going to England to give him a passage and arrange accommodation in his power. I remember you most perfectly at Burnham and I shall never forget the many little kindnesses I receivedfrom your worthy brother with whom I was always a great favourite most Revd. Dean Allott.

Probably I shall never see Dear dear Burnham again but I have a satisfaction in thinking that my bones will probably be laid with my father`s in the Village that gave me birth (totally different are my sentiments from Lord Camelford`s on that and I hope almost every other point ).

Pardon my Dear Sir this digression but the thoughts of former days brings all my mother into my heart which shows itself in my eyes.  May heaven myDear Sir long preserve you in health for the sake of your family and friends and amongst the latter allow me to place the name of your very faithful servant

Nelson & Bronte